About Lepolita

Lepolita derived from Serbian-Slovenian word Lepote, which means Beautiful, and -lita as the ending, which in Spanish has “diminutive” meaning like “-chen” in German ( mädchen = young girl ).

Lepolita freely translated means Beautiful & Younger Looking, which is exactly the vision of the creators to have a place for People to be aware of their Beauty and to keep younger appearance through advanced professional cosmetology.

Lepolita is a concept store for professional beauty and wellness, created and managed by beauty professionals with combined experiences of more than 100 years in the beauty business. We strive to provide the best professional beauty services, from top to toe.

We offer a selection of the very best cosmetics & rare and exclusive Perfumes.

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun: 10am - 10pm
all year long!


Babor Lepolita

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